jane o’brien

by Jane O'Brien

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Here Jane O‘Brien sings lounge jazz, with chilled out beats and Irish roots,
tempered with passion and the richness and pathos of her jazz/folk voice,
With this line up of wonderfully sensitive musicians; Andreas Guenther on keys, Karsten Koertling on bass and Martin Stieber on drums, Jane O'Brien has found a sound to marry her folk roots with her jazz leanings and trip-hop excursions.


released January 6, 2006

All Songs written by Jane O’Brien

Jane O’Brien: Vocals, Bodhrán
Andreas Günther: Keyboards
Martin Stieber: Drums
Carsten Körtling: Bass except tracks 1, 6, 7
Michael Schugardt: Double Bass on tracks 1, 6, 7
Karen Heitkamp: Backing vocals on tracks 2, 3, 4, 9

All songs arranged by Stieber, Günther, Körtling & O’Brien
except tracks 1, 6, 7 by Stieber, Günther, Schugardt & O’Brien
Produced and recorded by Frank Itt at Sudio 4, Stade, Germany
Mixed by Martin Stieber and Frank Itt
Mastered by Hinsch Audio



all rights reserved


Jane O’Brien Hamburg, Germany

Dubliner Jane O'Brien cut her teeth in Barcelona as a singer in an all female acapella band. She began writing songs in earnest in Hamburg where she has lived and played for many years. The yearning soul in her voice comes from her Irish folk roots (Boreen) but the warm velvet overtones arise from her jazz diva alter ego. (Jane O'Brien and Band, S.T.A.R.) ... more

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Track Name: Soul 2 Soul 2 Soul

I could live without you, I wouldn’t die without you
I’d still be me without you, I would survive without you
But you, you give me more of what I am
Not like before with other men

My fingers long to touch you
So much I want to tell you
The time has come to trust you
How can you know how much you mean to me

I want to tell you how it is
This is the place I want to be
Soul to soul, soul to soul

You touch me deep inside
No longer do I want to hide
I’ve let you get to know me
I want the you you’ve shown me

This moment’s not forever
We linger here together
I know so much about you
I put my arms around you

Here, here in your arms
I want to tell you how it is
This is the place I want to be
Soul to soul, soul to soul
Track Name: Banshee

When our time is running out
We hold on tight to what we’ve got
Like dying blossoms we must let things go
To fade away
They’ll come again another year
More beautiful, fresh and newly formed
And transient falling, falling in a somersault of joy, joy
Oh joy

We’re falling in a somersault of joy
We dive into a murky pool
Swim with the goldfish in the mud
The gift of risk and letting go
Returning with riches
Multiplying to the power of ten
The gift of risk and letting go
Surprise, surprise the weightlessness and freedom

Then the banshee took my hand and led me to another land
Across a band of azure sky
To a world where you and I
The friendless and the overworked
Could meet and share a moment so sublime
And timeless falling,
Falling in a somersault of joy
Oh joy
Track Name: I'm Never Coming Back

Telephone rings in the dead of night
Rips me from sleep
I sit bolt upright
Cold sweat cos it’s him again
I’m by the phone I can’t stop myself

I’m never coming back to you

Your soft breathing and blaring stereo
Coming down the phone line
Oh don’t you know it’s over
Why do you phone me what do you hope to gain
From this insane behaviour
What are you thinking don’t you ever get tired
Don’t you want to sleep tonight

I’m never coming back to you

Play with yourself, talk to yourself
Stay with yourself, alone with yourself

You tried to possess me but I got away
You tried to control me but I wouldn’t stay
You tried to destroy but I fought you hard
You tried to pursue me now I hold the cards

I’m never coming back to you
Track Name: Child's Play

When you were playing with your soldiers
And I was playing with my dolls
My mother told me I was gorgeous
Your mother told you you were god

You used to think you had the power
You were the master of this house
You used to issue out an order
You were a man and not a mouse

And now I look for all the reasons
Why you can hold your head up high
You stamp your foot and then the earth roars
You say the word and then we die

Soldiers and dolls

And then one day there was a shake up
And things got mixed around and round
And no one knew how it would end up
The rules were lost and never found

Then you began to ask some questions
To look for who you really are
You dropped the mask of hard unfeeling
You dropped the mask you always wore

And then you saw what you were missing
The right to cry and be unsure
And not to blindly give an order
To hide the pain that you endure
Track Name: Full Moon's Rising

Sleepless, sleepless
Full moon’s rising
Sandman’s gone away

In the middle of the night
Hours since I put out the light
Brain is working overtime
Trying to solve the riddle of this love of mine

I’m the kind of girl who likes to get things straight
I’m not so good at wait and see
I should be cool and distant
But that’s not me

Another minute has gone by
And it feels like, it feels like an hour
I’ve gotta find a way to empty out my mind
I’ve gotta find a way to get those thoughts so clear inside
I’ve gotta find a way to empty out my head
I’ve gotta find a way to clear those thoughts away instead
You see, you see me twisting, twisting, twisting and turning
Go away, go away, leave me alone, leave me alone,
Let me be, let me be

Looking up I see the paint begin to flake
Yes I know that love is give and take
I’ve got to keep away because he needs a break
And maybe I should paint this room magnolia
Track Name: Blooming

What’s in the air? Do we know or care?
Strange seed floating around
Surrounding our cities abounding and growing
Landing in places without people knowing

Strange flowers, strange fruit
Strange babies, little shoots
Coming up all over town

Blooming all over the world

Alone in the darkness, growing, growing, growing
Hiding in organs, abiding within
Till one day the grim reality, shows up on an ultra sound
A round shape expanding, commanding, our attention
Devouring our tissue, tasting our bone,
At home in our blood, at home in our blood

Cut it out say the doctors or nuke it to death
Or poison our system till there’s not a lot left
Hair falling out and stomach in turmoil
Not to mention the pain
And nobody wants to talk about it
Track Name: Sanctuary

I’m high on the hills, the grass beneath my feet
I’m high on the heather in a fragrance oh so sweet
This morning dawned like any other another troubled day
I felt the city closing in so I made my getaway

And now I’m free, I’ve found my sanctuary

I’ve climbed to the top of the mountain
Cos I’ve come to drink from the brimming fountain
Alone up here in the silence
I’m in a trance or a dizzy dance

And now I’m free, I’ve found my sanctuary

I’m free as a child in my cotton summer dress
I’m free as a bird and I often stop to rest
I feel the wind’s caresses softly on my skin
I stop beside a rippling stream and I jump right in
Track Name: A Million Eyes

The cheek of you to try and follow me
On this dark deserted street
I can hear your footsteps coming close behind
You were hiding in the doorway and watching me
I caught a glimpse of you, you tried to catch my eye
And with the ties you wear, I’d never dare to stop and stare
Or care to share a minute of my time with you
Cos it’s my time, my time, my time

A million eyes follow everywhere I go
It’s no surprise round every corner that I know
They lie in wait for a golden opportunity
To pull me down and take away my liberty

The cheek of you to look me up and down
And to spread my name all over town
You’ve been following me for days, yea
Don’t think I don’t see you
I know that you’ve been looking in my window
Seeing what I do when it’s time to close the curtains
It’s early in the evening, and it’s Friday
And it’s my time, my time, my time

What a cheek you had to call me
And you told me you would come
What a cheek you had to bring your friend
And suggest we have some fun
You said I thought you needed cheering up
You said I thought that you were ill
You said you’re always so strung up
And now it’s time to chill
But it’s my time, my time, my time
I close my curtains yea
Pull down the blinds
I lock the windows
And bolt the shutters
Track Name: Mammy

In the middle of the night
I’m awake and crying
Now you’ve time for me alone
No one else around

Mammy hold me
Mammy rock me
Till the morning comes

Make this night be endless
I see your eyes are drooping
That’s why I’ll keep on crouping
I’m all alone with you
No one else around
Track Name: So You Don't Love Me

Tell me the truth
Give it to me straight
I can take it
Don’t bullshit me any longer

So you don’t love me
I won’t fall apart
This it the start
Of something beautiful
Something beautiful for me

Don’t cloud it in hyperbole
Euphemisms what do you want to say
Come on spit it out
Get it off your chest

So you haven’t got the time
Maybe it’s that we don’t rhyme
That’s the bottom line
Baby it’s not a crime

You know it’s fun to watch you squirm
Watch you struggle with those clichés
You know I’ve heard it all before
And more, so there’s the door.
Track Name: Peacetime

Two old ladies scream from a newspaper page
Fleeing their home in the war of the age
Tears spill from my eyes on an aeroplane seat
I’m flying home for Christmas

Food on the table, family safe and well
I go to work each day, I’ve got a job to go to
I’ve got my lover, I’ve got my friends
I’m safe well, I’m safe and well

It’s easy to write a love song in peacetime

No bombs or grenades no land mines
No one to drag you out of bed screaming in the night
And know you’ll never be disturbed until you want to be

You’ve no food to fight for, no bullets whizzing by your head
And you’re safe and sound with him, it’s easy to write a love song

Down the bloody years it’s the comfortable men who give the order
That piece of the map is rightfully ours
So send in the armies like a game of Risk
Take another sip of gin and watch it all unfold

Bomb them all in that terrain, lets get it done
Man the tanks and start the planes let’s get it done
Press the button we’re off again
Let’s get it done, before lunchtime

They’ve designed another bomb
They’ve designed another gun
They’ve designed another germ
God knows we don’t need it
Track Name: Heather

When the evening mist comes rolling in
And the hill tops recede away from me
I am lost in your hills I am wandering
In the silence growing inside me

In this wide open vale I can see no man
No footfall or words break the stillness
Untouched and pure, silent and sure
This is my lover the rock and the heather

My boots are heavy rolling over the turf
This is enough, fullness and plenty
I will sweat to your summit and drink in the view
You shall cover me, cool me, renew me

I will lie in the arms of your heather hills
And slumber in blankets of stillness
Till my heart has its store of the heather on the hill
And my ears are bathed in silence

And the peace of the earth will replenish my soul
Speaking softly of fullness and plenty
To the rock and stone my faithful love
I will always return to your stillness
Track Name: Strawberry Soufflé

You’re my strawberry soufflé
Breakfast in bed on a tray
It’s daytime and it’s time to play
We’ll tell the world to go away
You’re my daytime treat on a tray
Cos I’ve got love in my tummy
I lick my lips cos you’re so yummy
So succulent, simply delicious
You may even be nutritious
One daily helping’s not enough
To whet my whistle fill my cup
Huh! Calories, I’m not counting calories
Saliva’s running down my lips
And tension’s mounting in my hips
So salty, sour, sweet and spicy
Now I feel you lick and bite me
You’re chocolate icing thick and runny
You fill me up, oh who needs money?
Slippery and now we’re sliding
Feel our bodies softly colliding
All is open juices flowing
Now I feel you growing, growing
Moaning with the birds outside
Softly sounds like singing
My cup is overflowing
You’re my strawberry soufflé
Breakfast in bed on a tray
It’s daytime and it’s time to play
We’ll tell the world to go away
Go away!