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Strawberry Soufflé

by Jane O’Brien and Band

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SOUL 2 SOUL 2 SOUL I could live without you, I wouldn’t die without you I’d still be me without you, I would survive without you But you, you give me more of what I am Not like before with other men My fingers long to touch you So much I want to tell you The time has come to trust you How can you know how much you mean to me I want to tell you how it is This is the place I want to be Soul to soul, soul to soul You touch me deep inside No longer do I want to hide I’ve let you get to know me I want the you you’ve shown me This moment’s not forever We linger here together I know so much about you I put my arms around you Here, here in your arms I want to tell you how it is This is the place I want to be Soul to soul, soul to soul
Sleepless 04:46
SLEEPLESS Sleepless, sleepless Full moon’s rising Sandman’s gone away In the middle of the night Hours since I put out the light Brain is working overtime Trying to solve the riddle of this love of mine I’m the kind of girl who likes to get things straight I’m not so good at wait and see I should be cool and distant But that’s not me Another minute has gone by And it feels like, it feels like an hour I’ve gotta find a way to empty out my mind I’ve gotta find a way to get those thoughts so clear inside I’ve gotta find a way to empty out my head I’ve gotta find a way to clear those thoughts away instead You see, you see me twisting, twisting, twisting and turning Go away, go away, leave me alone, leave me alone, Let me be, let me be Looking up I see the paint begin to flake Yes I know that love is give and take I’ve got to keep away because he needs a break And maybe I should paint this room magnolia
Child's Play 03:53
CHILD’S PLAY When you were playing with your soldiers And I was playing with my dolls My mother told me I was gorgeous Your mother told you you were god You used to think you had the power You were the master of this house You used to issue out an order You were a man and not a mouse And now I look for all the reasons Why you can hold your head up high You stamp your foot and then the earth roars You say the word and then we die Soldiers and dolls And then one day there was a shake up And things got mixed around and round And no one knew how it would end up The rules were lost and never found Then you began to ask some questions To look for who you really are You dropped the mask of hard unfeeling You dropped the mask you always wore And then you saw what you were missing The right to cry and be unsure And not to blindly give an order To hide the pain that you endure
I've Got You 05:30
I’VE GOT YOU Alone in the night I can feel you close beside me Warm breath on my hair I’ve got you on my mind almost all the time You’ve found your way inside my heart Without my knowing A seed that’s growing And it’s out of my control Creeping underneath my skin Slowly seeping in My defences wearing thin This is not what I expected I thought this didn’t mean a thing You warm me like wine You warm me like my mothers arms I’ve got you on my mind almost all the time
STRAWBERRY SOUFFLÉ You’re my strawberry soufflé Breakfast in bed on a tray It’s daytime and it’s time to play We’ll tell the world to go away You’re my daytime treat on a tray Cos I’ve got love in my tummy I lick my lips cos you’re so yummy So succulent, simply delicious You may even be nutritious One daily helping’s not enough To whet my whistle fill my cup Huh! Calories, I’m not counting calories Saliva’s running down my lips And tension’s mounting in my hips So salty, sour, sweet and spicy Now I feel you lick and bite me You’re chocolate icing thick and runny You fill me up, oh who needs money? Slippery and now we’re sliding Feel our bodies softly colliding All is open juices flowing Now I feel you growing, growing Moaning with the birds outside Softly sounds like singing My cup is overflowing You’re my strawberry soufflé Breakfast in bed on a tray It’s daytime and it’s time to play We’ll tell the world to go away Go away!
Mr. Armani 03:42
MR. ARMANI Mr. Armani has come to tea With his hair greased back and he’s looking at me His shoes are all shiny, all glistening and black He’s mincing right over to launch his attack He’s so self assured Thinks he’s got it made But Mr. Armani You’re only a suit You try to impress me with your sports car A flashy two-seater to show who you are You offer me the best ride in town A chance to be with you or just ride around Your ego is bursting right out of your pants You slither right over and ask me to dance Your girlfriend is watching with flashing steel eyes She looks pretty angry, she’d like you to die
A MILLION EYES The cheek of you to try and follow me On this dark deserted street I can hear your footsteps coming close behind You were hiding in the doorway and watching me I caught a glimpse of you, you tried to catch my eye And with the ties you wear, I’d never dare to stop and stare Or care to share a minute of my time with you Cos it’s my time, my time, my time A million eyes follow everywhere I go It’s no surprise round every corner that I know They lie in wait for a golden opportunity To pull me down and take away my liberty The cheek of you to look me up and down And to spread my name all over town You’ve been following me for days, yea Don’t think I don’t see you I know that you’ve been looking in my window Seeing what I do when it’s time to close the curtains It’s early in the evening, and it’s Friday And it’s my time, my time, my time What a cheek you had to call me And you told me you would come What a cheek you had to bring your friend And suggest we have some fun You said I thought you needed cheering up You said I thought that you were ill You said you’re always so strung up And now it’s time to chill But it’s my time, my time, my time I close my curtains yea Pull down the blinds I lock the windows And bolt the shutters
My Sanctuary 04:19
MY SANCTUARY I’m high on the hills, the grass beneath my feet I’m high on the heather in a fragrance oh so sweet This morning dawned like any other another troubled day I felt the city closing in so I made my getaway And now I’m free, I’ve found my sanctuary I’ve climbed to the top of the mountain Cos I’ve come to drink from the brimming fountain Alone up here in the silence I’m in a trance or a dizzy dance And now I’m free, I’ve found my sanctuary I’m free as a child in my cotton summer dress I’m free as a bird and I often stop to rest I feel the wind’s caresses softly on my skin I stop beside a rippling stream and I jump right in
Giant Lovers 03:33
GIANT LOVERS I once saw two giant lovers Lost in a dance of seduction Plunging and rolling In the depths of the ocean Did you know that whales kiss Did you know that under water there’s bliss Did you know that whales kiss Did you know that there’s bliss, whales kiss I once saw a giant ship Looming up on the horizon Dark and foreboding Bringing only destruction They came in search of giant prey To satisfy their greed Using machinery In the age of destruction I once saw one giant lover Lost in a dance of confusion Plunging and rolling In the depths of the ocean I once saw one lonely lover Lost in a dance of confusion Plunging and rolling In the age of destruction
DADDY DON’T CRY Daddy don’t cry, Daddy don’t die I fell on my knees again I’ve scratched my knees again I need you to make it better I forgive you for all that you did And I love you for all that you did I wipe your tears away the way you did mine Daddy don’t be afraid, I know you can’t remember I know you don’t know where you’re going But I’m there
Little Bird 02:52
LITTLE BIRD Little bird he didn’t know at all Little bird he didn’t care The little bird was mesmerised And very soon with great surprise He saw his friend the little fish slowly floating by The little fish with white upturned seemed oblivious to all He didn’t seem to want to play at all, at all, at all The water was so brightly coloured With rainbow swirls and yellow bubbles The snow white swans were turning grey And some were patchy black The little bird he looked around His eyes were fairly streaming And very soon he flapped then floated His eyes were brightly gleaming
Dried Fish 05:18
DRIED FISH Mr. Man is wondering how will the weather be? Time to take the boat out and go out to sea Mr. Man remembers clearly things that happened long ago Hard times in his boyhood, unemployment as a man Then one day he went to sea To see the world and feel the spray He had a wife and lost her, somewhere along the way Many years he travelled throughout all the continents Stopping off to satisfy his hunger, thirst and lust He filled his trunk with souvenirs He filled his head with memories He left his heart in many ports But his soul lay empty and cold Man is standing in front of his little house Seagulls soaring overhead, rows of dried fish at his feet Rows of dried fish at his feet Dried fish, dried fish Stocking up for the winter, stocking up for the future Take me out to sea, take me where the fish are jumping Take me out to sea, take me where the waves are rolling Rolling, roaring, crashing on the rocks Foaming, splashing, dashing on the rocks
Magazines 04:20
MAGAZINES Skinny little Dee, cigarettes and news all day Dreaming on the job, didn’t see me slip through the doorway Tidying the shelves, never noticed that space before Now I hold them, now I fold them My bag is full and overflowing With glossy magazines that I’ve just stolen Running down the street, bag tucked under my arm Making a retreat, I find a quiet bench in the park Away from all the eyes, you never see the spies in the dark How to plan your day How to look your best when you wake up How to be a sage, how to give yourself a good shake up How to shop and save, how to do it all in full make up Now I hold them, now I fold them Now I read them, do I need them? Recipes and sweets, throw it in a bowl and it’s soon made Give your man a treat, ways to turn him on in a heat wave Agony and grief, and the horoscope’s on the last page Now I hold them, now I fold them Now I read them, I’ll never need them My bag is full and overflowing with magazines That I’ve just stolen And now in hiding realising, I thought I wanted to read them But now I know I only wanted to steal them
Out Here 03:53
OUT HERE There’s a bare light burning in your window I can see it from the street below There’s a father calling, there are some children crying There’s your voice from sometime long ago I said I’d be here on this Monday To take all of my things away But now that I’m here I know that it’s clear I can’t see you so out here I’ll stay I’m gonna stay out here all night long, Till the sun comes up and the moon is gone Cos I can’t get you out of my heart baby And I know that you’ll always stay with me I just can’t get you out of my heart Baby The birds are singing so merrily The sun is rising up so high But I’m far from home I’m out here on my own I just came to say Goodbye


The eclectic sound of Jane O'Brien and band gathered a wide following in north Germany from 1998 - 2002. The unusual lineup of vibraphone, saxophone, flute, cello, and guitar with bodhrán and snare created the perfect sound stage for Jane's vivid stories.


released October 7, 2000

Jane O’Brien: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bodhrán, Circus Snare
Ralf Kamphuis: Vibraphone, Cymbal
Anne Wiemann: Baritone Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo
Lucia Wojdak: Cello

All songs written by Jane O’Brien
except tracks 2 and 6 by O’Brien/ Uwe Haas
track 13 by O’Brien/Robin Stewert

All songs arranged by O’Brien/Wiemann/Kamphuis/Wojdak
Recorded mixed and mastered
by Vlatko Kucan at True Muze Studio


all rights reserved



Jane O’Brien Hamburg, Germany

Dubliner Jane O'Brien cut her teeth in Barcelona as a singer in an all female acapella band. She began writing songs in earnest in Hamburg where she has lived and played for many years. The yearning soul in her voice comes from her Irish folk roots (Boreen) but the warm velvet overtones arise from her jazz diva alter ego. (Jane O'Brien and Band, S.T.A.R.) ... more

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